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Wheeler's Kyusho-Jutsu

2008 OKU Seminar Flyer

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The Okinawan Karate Do Union Summer Seminar

July 11 and 12, 2008

Knoxville, Tennessee




Seminar Instructors:

Jim Alley, 6th Dan, Isshin-ryu                   Don Roberts, 9th Dan Isshin-ryu                        Jim LaRocco, 9th Dan Isshin-ryu

Ed Daniels, 7th Dan Shoto-Jitsu                Chuck Reynolds, 5th Dan Isshin-ryu                 Jeff Bryant, 6th Dan, Isshin-ryu

Keith Lowry, 5th Dan Isshin-ryu               Kathryn Eldridge, 5th Dan, Isshin-ryu               Dixie Webb, 5th Dan, Isshin-ryu

Sonny Newman, 5th Dan, Isshin-ryu       Johnathan Forester, 3rd Dan, Shuiri-ryu          Adam Perry, 3rd Dan, Isshin-ryu     



When and Where:                  Friday:  4:00pm – 8:00 pm Wheeler’s Karate School, Powell, Tenn.

                                                                 Saturday:  8:00am – 4:00 pm Days Inn, Knoxville, Tenn.


Classes Include: Sweeps, Detroit Sparring, Arm Bars, Biscuits and Gravy, Eiku Kata*, Seisan Kata Bunkai, Kardio Kumite, Tanbo**, Jujutsu, Wheeler’s Kyusho-Jutsu, Mixing Up the Martial Arts, Bo-Bo Kumite, and much more.  Instructors will be available if you need help with Kata (empty-hand or weapons) 

*Note:  Bring Bo or eiku if you plan on attending this class.    ** Bring a 24” long escrima stick, some will be provided

Cost: All of this for only $50 for the whole weekend!

 (Non OKU members add $12) Note: you will also receive 2 issues of The OKU Technique.   



The awards Banquet will be held at the Days Inn, Knoxville on Saturday, July 12 at 7:00 pm.  It is private buffet with a variety of excellent meats, vegetables and desserts.  Cost per person is $20.  Recognition and awards will be presented to outstanding contributors to the OKU organization and to the martial arts community.  Remember to bring your awards, student promotions, certificates, gag gifts, etc.   This is a great opportunity to recognize your students or fellow instructors! Don’t miss out on this evening of fellowship and fun!  



This year the seminar hotel will be Days Inn, Knoxville, Tenn.  Saturday classes and the awards banquet will both be held here.  This hotel is located on Central Avenue Pike, just off Merchants Drive (this is just a few miles from Wheelers Dojo.  Please call Kay Rivard to receive the special OKU rate.  The Days Inn phone number is 865-687-5800.  There are several other hotels in the Merchants Drive area.  


Wear a 2008 OKU Seminar tee-shirt with pride!  This 100% pre-shrunk cotton tee is guaranteed to be a winner.  $16 each.  Limited quantities.


OKU Patches, Books, DVDs, Martial Arts Supplies will be available for purchase during the weekend.  Cash or Check (no credit cards)



FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Don & Jan Roberts, Address:  610 Waterboy Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213,  Phone: (770) 964-7472 or 770-719-4102     e-mail:        Website: We are looking forward to seeing you at the OKU seminar July 11 and 12.    


Directions to Wheeler’s Karate School From the north Take I-75 South to Exit 112 Emory Rd. Turn right and go approx. 2 miles.  Dojo will be on left.  From the north -- Take I-75 North to Exit 112 Emory Rd. Turn left and go approx. 2 miles.  Dojo will be on left.   


Directions to Days Inn -- From the north take I-75 to Exit 108 Merchants Drive, turn left go to Central Avenue Pike and turn left.  Hotel will be just after you turn.  From the south take Exit 108 Merchants Drive, turn right, turn left at 1st traffic light, hotel will be just after you turn. 



A Note of Thanks.


The OKU Board of Directors is looking forward to seeing everyone at the seminar again this year.  We would like to thank all of the instructors and participants in advance for all of your effort, hard work, friendship, and ongoing support of the OKU.  Without you there wouldn’t be an OKU.  We would also like to express our most sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to the founders of the OKU, and to the late Grand Master Allen Wheeler for providing the catalyst that brings us all together.


Thank you Sensei.  We miss you.  


OKU Board of Directors


…………………………………………………..Cut Here…………………………………………………


Mail Registration Form with payment to: OKU 3225 Vista Dr. NW,  Cleveland, TN 37312

(you may also register at the door – if you do not register in advance, please drop us an email giving us your name & information below – thank you)


Name: ______________________________________________________________________Dojo/Sensei:_____________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: __________________________________ Email: _________________________________ Birth date: __________________________


I plan to attend two days:   Friday ____, Saturday____  $50____

I plan to attend Friday_____ only: $30_____

I plan to attend the OKU Awards Banquet: $20 each.  How many? ______


I am a current 2008___ or lifetime ____ OKU member ______

I was an OKU member last year & would like to renew my membership – add $12 _______

I have not been an OKU member for 2 or more years and would like to join – add $20 ______


I would like an OKU 2008 Summer Seminar Tee-Shirt: $16 each.  How Many? ____ What Sizes? ___________
I have enclosed $___________.  Cash, please or make checks payable to the O.K.U. (Okinawan Karate Do Union) 

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