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Wheeler's Kyusho-Jutsu

Sensei Buddy Morrison, Jr.

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Sensei Buddy Morrison, Jr. 3rd Dan

Assistant Instructor, Wheeler's Kyusho-Jutsu 2007

Church Hill, TN


Mr. Morrison began studying martial arts under Prof. L.C. Collins in 1989.  Professor Collins founded a style that combined the devastating kicks of Tae Kwon Do and the lightning fast hand strikes of Kempo as well as combining attributes of other styles.  He received his 1st degree black belt in 1994, and currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in that style.  Mr. Morrison also holds a 2nd degree black belt in Ed Parker American Kenpo from Master Brint Berry and recently he was awarded a 1st degree black belt in Isshin Ryu from Sensei Dixie Webb.  He has appeared in Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated (Dec. 1992) and Karate International and has studied other various styles over the years ranging from Ninjitsu, Chu Fen Do, Aikido, Tang Soo Do, Aikijujitsu and others.  Mr. Morrison received a Presidential Sports Award in October of 1992 from President George Bush.  Mr. Morrison was also certified and served as a Rape Aggression Defense Instructor in 2000.  In 2001, Mr. Morrison was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Man of the Year.  He also has had the pleasure of training with several world renowned instructors over the years.  Some of those instructors are:


Joe Lewis                         (Karate)                Jerry Beasley                (JKD)

Bill Wallace                     (Karate)               Tony Blauer                 (Chu Fen Do)

Michael Depasquale Sr. (JuJitsu)               Jeff Duncan                  (Ninjitsu)

Michael Depasquale Jr.  (JuJitsu)               Jhoon Rhee                   (Tae Kwon Do)

Jay T. Will                        (Kenpo)               Robert McEwen           (Aikido)

George Dillman              (Kyusho Jitsu)    Tony Annessi              (Aikijujitsu)

Jack Hogan                      (Kyusho Jitsu)    Don Angier                 (Aikijujitsu)

Jim Corn                          (Kyusho Jitsu)


In 2003, he began to further his knowledge by augmenting his martial arts knowledge with incorporating Kyusho and acupressure points into his training.  He studied from various instructors learning different methods and attributes of this still elusive and mysterious part to the martial arts.  He is actively a Tennessee Representative of Hogan Karate International’s Kyusho instructors.  In 2007, he became an assistant instructor in the Wheeler’s Kyusho - Jutsu system.  He states that all my inspiration and success has always given to me by GOD and I would have achieved none of it without the love and support of my wife Marla as well as my three sons Brandon, Chris and Aaron.